Taking it There

Mar 30

"@ESmith_wuzHere: #uknoyoughettowhen your paw-paw or granny "sleep" with the t.v. on"ยป why does that make ME ghetto? Lol

Mar 29

RT @i_hit_liks: @azn_mex i see u stil love him lol …i fux wit em too

Mar 28

Okay. I need to step out of class but I’m SO far from the door :(

Mar 28

#REZWEEK is in full effect! Love Jesus? Wanna love Jesus? He’s resurrected&we’re celebrating! ALL week at Gregory Plaza! Free coffee&more!

Mar 27

Se la vi

Mar 26

skyping the future hubby :) lol… i’m serious… i told him we’re getting married BAHAHHAHA

Mar 26

I’ve made up my mind… I will be staying at UT for an extra semester before enrolling into Med/Grad school :)

Mar 25

Got a pretty decent workout in :)

Mar 24

Bouta hear Dean White speak:) as always… I’m the youngest one in the room

Mar 20

I’ve been up way too long for it to only be 8:30! Didn’t I JUST go to sleep?! :/